Aside from freelancing I also offer my services to crowed sourcing portals like Crowdspring or 99Design, where I compete with others for design jobs. Whenever I don’t get the job, those designs go onto this website in addition with whatever I come up with in times were business is slow.

Now how to buy a pre-designed cover:

1. Decide what cover you like, each cover has a number underneath (for example 003 fantasy) as well as the price.

2. Go to contact and send me an email with the following informations. Cover number/name the Title you want on the book, the author name you want on it and the text you want on the back. If you want your picture added, let send me that as well. I also need the dimensions of your book, that includes the print size and the spine. If you don’t know your spine size give me the number of pages. That includes all pages, the table of content, acknowledgments and so on.

3. With the info you gave me I will finish your cover and get a version with a digital fingerprint (it’s not that I don’t trust you, but I don’t trust anyone blindly) to you for final approval. That’s were you can decide if you like it and want it, or if you don’t. If you do, you let me know and I will send you an invoice via PayPal for the amount that was on the cover when you chose it.

4. You pay and the moment I know about your payment (because of time zones or because I still have a life outside of work that might not be right away) I send you the cover as .jpg, ready to print pdf and for eBook in 1600 x 2400pixel 300dpi

5. You use your cover, no matter if that is the next day or in five years doesn’t matter. Should you run into any problem with it, you let me know and I will endeavor to fix it. (Hasn't happened yet)

IMPORTANT When you buy a cover you are entitled to use it. However, you can’t resell it, nor can you place it on a website and offer it for free. You can’t take it and make it gray-scale or manipulate it in any way in order to resell it or offer it for free. When you use the cover you have to place an attribution in the book. Usually that is done on the copyright page, naming the Cover Artist. You don’t have to but it is appreciated if you in addition name the website or my company name, Nicole Kiefer Design as well. Thanks for sticking with the rules.

Another thing, as it is often the case some designs might fall into more then one genre, so go and look through more then one. For example one placed in horror might as well serve you for a fantasy novel, and one placed in romance might be suitable for a fiction novel.


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