Every business uses designs in one way or another. It often starts with a logo, witch then will be used on flyers, letterheads, banners, posters and so much more. All of it takes time to design and produced, time you could spend doing something else, like talking to customers. That’s where I come in. When you hire me it’s me spending that time, it’s me rattling that brain of mine and expanding that imagination for you. While you take care of your business I will work for you in the background, creating logos, flyers, banner, posters or promotional products for you.

Aside from commissioning me with the design of all those products, you can also hire me to take it all the way to having the end-product delivered to your doorstep.

I will give you a free quote and no payment is due until the final approval of design and/or order.

My fee starts at $120.00 Canadian dollar, and unless you want something very intricate and complicated will rarely be more. In any case, you get a free quote. What I need from you is an explanation of what you want. From simple things like the information you want on your business card, to a description of what your logo, flyer, poster or banner should look like. Even if you think “what I imagine is nuts”, tell me anyway. You would be surprised how blurred the line between insanity and greatness is.

Once I have that information, I design up to three drafts that I will send you with the free quote. Take your time to look at the designs, but bare in mine that they will be drafts with the only purpose of giving you an idea of the direction. Then you can either chose one of those drafts to work on, or tell me to go to hell. Or, your can tell me what you like and don’t like and we keep working on it until you are absolutely happy with the design. Once you tell me you are happy I’ll send you an invoice and soon as I receive payment I release the final files to you, without watermark or digital fingerprint.

In addition to the design you can also commission me for the end-product. If you decide to do so I will contact or several of the companies I work with and send you a new free quote for the finished product, including a mock-up of how the product will look like. If you like the price, look and estimated delivery time I will work with the chosen company to create and ship the product as soon as possible. Once shipped I provide you with the tracking number (if available) so you can keep track of your order.

If you are interested in my service, please contact me by email: or phone: 1 204 730 2720 call or text. You can also find me on Facebook and contact me through there



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