Most of my designs are child-friendly, however some are not. Some designs contain swear words, others, especially those in the category Halloween, contain blood and some gore. If you have children you might want to look through it on your own first. If you are a child, please go and ask you parents to look through these designs with you.

Most, but not all my designs are available as T-shirt, Long sleeved Shirt, Sleeveless Shirt, Sweatshirt and Hoodie in several colors. I’m constantly expanding my online store, for now however if you are interested in something other then T-shirts please contact me and order by email. Let me know size and color as well as the design you would like to have on it.

i am not no hate

blue ghost sweatshirt

Happy Halloween witch ad ghost

grim reaper hoddie

never fuck trucker






All prices are in Canadian Dollar. Shipping and Handling will be added to your order depending on the size of the order. For any questions or problems, please contact

If you are looking for more articles like: graphic shirts, dresses, duvet cover, wall art and more... please visit either my Redbubble store or my Zazzle store, where such merchandise is available.


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