A custom design is the best possible representation of your book. If you decide to get a custom design, it means you pay me for my time, effort and dedication to design the best cover for you and your book. I will not give up, or stop unless I have to admit that I simply can’t do it. (Hasn't happened yet)  However, I’m not a painter. I’m a photo-shop artist. Which means there are limitations, (not many) of what I can do. In order to keep my prices low budget I use free photographs and clip arts under a CC0 license, as well as low cost photographs with commercial use license in addition to my own photographs. I always double and triple check that all the licenses are allowing book cover and commercial use, as well as that all release forms are in place should the photo show a person or private property.

A custom designed cover begins at 120.00 CAD, and in most cases I won’t charge more. Unless I need to buy expensive photographs, or special software to do it. However, you approve those costs before I take that step. Once I have all the information I will get to work.

Now what do I need from you: Please read this, it’s Important.

  1. I need the Title of your Book
  2. The author name you want on the cover. Your own or your pen name
  3. The format your book will be published in. (Ebook, paperback and the size of your paperback)
  4. The page count for the spine of the paperback. Not needed if you want digital only.
  5. The text you want on the back of your book cover. Again, not needed if you want digital only.
  6. A picture of yourself if you like that on there as well.
  7. Tell me a little bit about the book. Like it’s genre, the target group and age group and what it is about. If you have any key scene you would like on the cover. What mood you want to convey with it.
  8. Do you need a space for a bar code and if yes in what area. If you don’t know I will avoid placing anything of import in the lower third of the back cover.

Those are the things I need to know in order to design your cover. Yet more is always possible, however please read the following info.

  • You might want to add blurb or short reviews. Please provide them as well, only use true reviews. I know there are authors that simply claim they have gotten them, and it angers readers when they learn it’s not true.
  • You might want a certain picture to be used. Please ensure the picture is royalty free and has the proper license. If you’re not sure add the link to where you got it from so I can verify the proper licensing. If it is a picture you took or painted yourself, please state so in your email to me.
  • If you have a design in your head, but simply don’t know how to realize it, describe it as clear as possible and I will do what I can to make it real. It also will make it easy to determine if I can do it, or if you would need someone who paints to archive it.
  • If your book isn’t finished when you order, please let me know since the spine measurement will change as you finish up your project. If you have an estimate then I will use that for the design, but if it won’t fit by the time you are ready to publish (not matter if that is a day later or ten years.) let me know and I will adjust it for free.

Most importantly, it is imperative that you communicate with me. Let me know when you like something and when you don't like something. If you don't tell me I can't change it the way you would like. Thanks for working with me.

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