Welcome to my own little online store. I’m not a great web-designer, and setting up and integrating an online store seems to be beyond my capabilities. Still, I want to offer you the same prices and products I bring to the Farmers Markets, Arts and Crafts sales and trade shows. In some instances my price is less then what I have to change in my online stores, even with shipping on top. The price for that is that you have to live with a little more complicated way of ordering. However, I do hope I did get it somewhat organized. If you don’t find anything you like today, keep checking in from time to time, I add new designs all the time.

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            Clothing                      Jewelery                               Mugs                              Signed books              Home Decor

If you are interested in bulk orders, please contact me and I will give you a free quote for bulk orders. Bulk orders begin at:

Apparel minimum of 12

Mugs minimum of 10

For more information email me at customdesign@nicolekiefer.com


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