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Nicole Kiefer Design offers quality custom design as well as every day things you can buy through online outlets. Here are just some examples of what you can find in my online stores.

NetObjects Fusion 2015
NetObjects Fusion 2015
NetObjects Fusion 2015

Here the list of online store outlets.


Redbubble is an US based store, all prices are in US Dollar. The nice thing about Redbubble is, that they are fast in producing and shipping your unique product. Their quality standard is high and they have a money back guaranty should you find the product not to your satisfaction. I especially recommend to order from Redbubble if you like Graphic shirts (all over prints).


Redbubble also runs promotions every other day. Just something to keep an eye on if you like to safe up to 40% at times. One thing Redbubble offers, that I can’t offer through any other store are stickers. So, if you like stickers, this is the outlet you should go with.



My Zazzle store is designated for Canada, showing Canadian pricing. However, the company is US based and all printing and production are done in the US. They are a little bit slower in production and shipping but have a high quality standard. Zazzle is of special interest for those who are looking for household items like table cloths, dish towels, dinner plates, glasses and much, much more. In addition to having the largest variety of products, Zazzle gives me the option to offer customization for my designs. Meaning you can add a picture to certain designs, or change / add text.

Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

As with other online outlets, keep an eye open for special offers. I have seen them as high as 60% at times for certain products.



Threadless is well known for his high quality printing and fast delivery. You can find many designs by Threadless artists in stores like Spencer’s and even WalMart. However, they are a little bit more expensive with some articles, but worth the money.



Shapeways is my newest endeavor, this time into creating jewelery and key-chains you can't get anywhere else. Shapeways is a 3D Printing company where I can take my 2D designs and transform them into the most amazing necklace pendants and key-chains. The best thing about this outlet is the large variety of materials available. You can order most of my designs in materials like stainless steel, nickel, brass, silver and gold. However, if you are looking for something absolutely over the top, you can order it in platinum if you like.

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