Groups, clubs and organizations often need something special for special events like for example to honor a member for a deed to simply for time spend as a member. From a specially designed pendant, over poker chips with their picture/logo, to photo sculptures, anything is possible and customizable to make one of a kind.

In general, I charge the same fee as for any customer, $120.00 Canadian dollar. However, I do realize that many clubs, groups and organizations have very limited funds or are solely dependent on donations.  Under certain circumstances I might be willing to lower or waive the design fee in exchange for being mentioned and promoted at one of your events for example, or offering me a free table at your next event if it is close enough for me. In any case, contact me and I see what I can do. The same counts for fundraisers, I’m always happy to help for a good cause if I can. However, since I’m not some multimillion dollar company, (I wish) I can not give everything away for free. Under the right circumstances I might waive my designer fee and charge for the product, or come to your fundraiser and share part of my profit. So, unless you want to ask me to work for absolute nothing, feel free to contact me and we work something out that will benefit the both of us.

For example I did go up to Baldur this summer (2017) and attended their festival at the park, a fundraiser for their museum. I designed special, limited edition shirts and offered them as special order. Half of my profit went to the museum.

Baldur music fest


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