If you like the work you saw in my portfolio but couldn’t find anything that fits your needs, let me know and we’ll work together on getting you what you are looking for. If it is for your business, a gift or just for your own pleasure, I’ll do my best to help you out.
Now, how does this work?
It’s simple, really.
You tell me what you want and together we make it happen. No matter if you need a new menu for your restaurant, or a personalized gift, you let me know what you imagine or are looking for. If you have a picture or logo, text, or artwork to be used you have to provide it as either jpeg, jpg, gif, png or eps, txt or word file. For other file formats ask me, so we can make sure I can open and use them.
Depending on the project there might be a lot of sending email back and forth to ensure your satisfaction. I know it can become quite annoying, but in my experience, it’s the best way to make sure you have the design you need in the end. (All preliminary designs have a watermark and digital finger print)
Now, once you are satisfied with the design you can use the preliminary to ensure that it works with your printer. (If you don’t have one I might be able to help you with that as well) Of course you can do that at any time before as well. Once you give your OK, I’ll send you a bill (via PayPal) and once I received your payment I’ll send you the files without a watermark or digital fingerprint. You are free to use the files with any printer you’ll like, to modify them and resell them without attribution. I will keep your design in my files for one year so you can request them again should you lose them.
My standard fee begins at $120.00 CAD for small and simple projects, but will go up depending on the project. Don’t worry, before I start I’ll send you an estimate and let you know how much I will charge you. For extremely large projects I might want half the payment in advance, but that rarely happens.
That’s pretty much it, all you have to do is… CONTACT THE DESIGNER

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