I always was someone who appreciated a gift that was handmade, thought trough and most of all, not from Wal-Mart. Well, unless it was a new TV, Washer and Dryer or car. In any case, I treasure those gifts them come from the heart the most. Because it shows that the person gifting it to me, thought about what I like, who I am and how much I mean to them. Anyone can gift flowers from a store, chocolate or a gift basket of care products. Yet not everyone has the time, patience or resources to create something unique and special. That’s where I come in.

To me it is of utmost importance to create a design that will reflect the feelings you have for the person you want to gift it to. So, tell me about that person, the occasion you want the gift for, your relation to the person. Is it your life and you want to thank her for enduring you the last 30 years 12 or want to wish your daughter good luck when she moves out of the house, get’s married or has her first, second or third child? Do you already have an idea of what kind of gift it is supposed to be? Something practical like a keychain. Something like jewellery or maybe something simple like a photo collage. Maybe you want to celebrate the birth of your first grandchild and would like some baby cloths, blanket or nightlight that chases nightmares away. And if you don’t know what you would like, I will help you find something.

I charge $80.00 Canadian Dollar design fee plus whatever the cost of the end-product will be. However, if you want a design that might have value for me in my stores I might waive the fee in exchange for the permission of using the design for my own stores. So, feel free to contact me and tell me what you need. You will receive a free quote as well as up to three draft designs to give you an idea of what is possible. Believe me a lot is possible if I set my mind and creativity to it.

Here are a few examples of what I have done for others.

tumbstone meorialThis is one of my favorite gift ideas, because it was so unusual and kind of morbid, yet endlessly sweet. This is a tombstone necklace, that I created for a lady who left the home she had shared for 50 years with her husband when he died. She moved to be closer to her children and grandchildren. But that meant to leaf her husbands grave behind, the only place she could have visited to feel close to him.

She gave me a picture of her husbands gravestone and I recreated it as a necklace pendant. The picture you see here isn't the one I created for her, but a derivation of it. The original was 14K gold plated and had the husbands name on it. Go here for a closer look


fishing bitches


This one I created for a female group of fishers. They wanted to have the option to order at any given time so I placed it into my online store for them to order at any time. It’s a simple design with their choice of text and can be ordered on sever styles and colors of shirt.



love you more then sports demo

 This one I created for a friend of mine who made his girlfriend smile widely when she received it. Needless to say he was a total sports fan. In exchange for the permission to use it in my store I didn't charge him a designer fee. The way it looks I soon get to create their wedding invitations. )


logo final with text1

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