.First of all, I endeavor to offer customer service of the highest quality.

Services for businesses:

From logo to banner I will create a design for your business that will help your customers to remember you, bring your point across or promote your product. No matter if you need a design for a new business card or a letter head. If poster or window decal, and no matter what kind of business you have, I work for all industries.

You can hire me just for the design and hire your own printing company for the end-product. Or, once you approved the design, I can get you a free quote with one of the print companies I work with and you can order the end-product through me.

My fee starts at $120.00 Canadian Dollar for a design. Please ask for an individual quote, which is free. If you can life with my quote we will start work on the design you want and need. Once you approve the design, I will send you an invoice and once paid release the design file to you, without watermark or digital fingerprint. For you to use as you see fit.

If you would like me to take care of the product as well, for example the print of 500 business cards, flyers or posters, I will send you another free quote. Once you approved and paid the quote I will arrange production and shipment to an address of your choice and provide you with the tracking number so you can keep track of your order.

I work with several companies and can not only offer common things like business cards, flyer and poster but pens, plate, cups, hats, clothing, metal prints, lamps, belt buckle and lots more. If you have some specific promotional tool in mind, let me know and I do my best to get it for you.

Service for clubs, organizations and fundraiser:

From time to time clubs, organizations and fundraiser need something special to offer their members or to raise funds. From certificates, cufflinks, belt buckles, mugs or wrist watches for a long-standing membership, extraordinary achievements, or outstanding manners, I will help you to create something the person receiving it will treasure. If you are looking for a shirt, keychain or other product to sell to raise funds, contact me, and we create something that will entice many to spend some money to do their part. Under certain circumstances I even come myself and take care of ordering, payment and delivery, freeing some manpower that you can use otherwise. As for a free quote.

General Services:

If you are looking for something unusual and unique but don’t want to hire me and pay my designer fee, check out my online stores and the products promoted on this website. You might find something you like. Another option is to get a free quote and depending on what you would like, you can safe some of the fee if you waive your rights on the design, allowing me to use it for my own purposes as well. Or, you pay my fee and have all the rights to the design, making it truly one of a kind. No matter if you are looking for a necklace for an anniversary, birthday or wedding. A belt buckle picturing your family, parents, dog, ect. Or if you need invitations for a birthday party, wedding or retirement party. Tell me what you are looking for, I then send you a free quote as well up to three designs, once you agree we go into the detail work. Once you approve the final design it is up to you if you want to just pay for the design and take it to a printer of your choosing or hire me to organize the final product and get it send to an address of your choosing. Once your order is shipped I provide you with the tracking number (if available) so you can track your one of a kind gift.



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