Welcome to Nicole Kiefer Design

Some of you might already know, or you might only now notice, but I changed the name to Nicole Kiefer Design. Why? Because I expanded from doing just book covers to doing pretty much anything.
Since I’m the kind of person who is always doing something, I decided it’s more productive to expand my designs, rather than staring into the TV. Especially since all there is to watch are re-runs.
So now you get my designs on T-shirts, hoodies, hats, phone and laptop cases and all kinds of stuff. Some of it is a finished design that can’t be customized. Others however are adaptable, like business cards, greeting cards, and many more.
As you can imagine adding so many designs and categories made this website grew by leaps and bounds. Some of the designs will be in more then one category, and in more then one store. At this point of time I work with Zazzle , Threadless and Redbubble, both offer bulk orders. However, if you are looking for a custom design, you can use the file with any printer you like, for example Vista Print.
Under References you’ll find mostly, actually at the moment only, book covers I designed. In time, I hope to add designs from other categories.
Feel free to check out my designs and explore the products they grace. If you’re interested in a custom design for a private event, your business, or a gift, let me know. My fee starts at $120.00 CAD for any design but depending on the magnitude of the project I might have to charge more. Talk to me and I give you a free estimate.
If you see a design you like and just need a name or logo added, let me know. For a small adaption fee of $20.00 it will be done and you get the file to use as it fits you.
Now, have fun exploring. (I constantly add new designs, so don’t forget to bookmark this page.)

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